Yerba Buena Farms Jamaica

yerba buena farmsNeed a change? How’s chilling out on Jamaica’s north coast sound?

  • a little ackee and saltfish
  • roast breadfruit and chocolate tea for breakfast
  • catching a warm morning rain shower while picking fruit
  • learn bees, top bar hives and some unique and tasty sustainable agriculture
  • stew peas, rice and callaloo for lunch
  • a little hammock time in a sweet sea breeze
  • hiking down to a beach for a swim
  • and best of all making some new Jamaican friends

Still interested? Check out Yerba Buena Farms Jamaica.

We are a rural farm in Jamaica offering ecotourism, community tourism, internships, and community development projects. We live and promote economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture in one of the world’s most beautiful places!

yerba buena farms top bar hives

Have more time? Need more than a vacation or a quick adventure? Check out their internship program!

That’s irie!


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