Wyoming Apiary Map

Wyoming’s Apiary Map

The Wyoming Department of Agriculture has a new Wyoming Apiary Map. That’s quite a change. And a good one.

In the past, the Bee Laws were an informal means of maintaining a ‘good old commercial boys beekeeper’s club’. The apiary records were such an embarrassing mess, that the regulators often asked about the need for bee regulation.

I think they hoped the whole bee thing would go away before they got sued.

Looking at the new map in detail, there are some obvious location errors. Some apiaries are located in areas where neither bees, livestock, or humans can survive. And no human activity can be seen anywhere near the stickpin. 🙂

Some long established commercial beeyards are visible but don’t have a stickpin. Could it be missing data? Or remnants of the ‘good old boys’ unregistered yards? 😉

And there are some commercial operations without any registered yards! Maybe they need a little help working those new fangled GPS things. LOL

Beyond that, this map represents a big step away from the past. Maybe, in the future, the Bee Laws will benefit all of Wyoming’s citizens and not just the chosen few.


Thanks Natrona County Beekeepers Club for the link.