Wyatt Mangum’s New Top Bar Hive Book

Wyatt Mangum’s Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping: Wisdom & Pleasure Combined book arrived.

Its 411 pages:

  • reflect 25 years with 200 top bar hives
  • have more than 400 photos
  • costs about the same as a top bar hive
  • worth every penny
  • are easy to read
  • are practical
  • are a must read

I’m amazed how Wyatt’s experience parallels mine. I:

  • remember the Sears farm catalog. Bees first, then chickens, then horse stuff
  • worked commercial bees in High School
  • liked learning about the bees more than producing honey
  • liked producing honey
  • ended up in a Tech College
  • built my first top bar hive off that 1976 Gleanings article

And through time, we’ve reached many of the same conclusions.

Can’t wait for Wyatt’s next book. Until then you can keep up with him in the American Bee Journal.