Wyatt Mangum’s New Top Bar Hive Book

Wyatt Mangum’s Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping: Wisdom & Pleasure Combined book arrived.

Its 411 pages:

  • are filled with 25 years and 200 top bar hive experiences
  • are abundantly illustrated with more than 400 photos
  • costs about the same as a tbh and worth every penny
  • are easy to read
  • are practical
  • are appropriate for anyone interested in beekeeping
  • will fill in the gaps for experienced beekeepers lacking tbh experience
  • some neat ideas for experienced tbh beekeepers
  • are a must read

I’m amazed at how parallel Wyatt’s experiences and mine have been, albeit mine about a decade earlier than his. I too:

  • remember that Sears catalog and especially the farmers edition. Bees first. Then couldn’t forget the chickens
  • worked commercial bees in High School
  • found I liked learning about the bees more than producing honey. And I liked producing honey a lot
  • ended up in a Tech College
  • designed and built my first tbh off that 1976 Gleanings article. Don’t know what happened to it either. But the tbh seed was also planted in my mind

That seed sprang forth decades later, long after my interests in mastering conventional beekeeping and producing commercial amounts of honey had waned. That tbh seed revived many beekeeping aspects that initially attracted me to beekeeping, but that had been lost through time.

And through time, we’ve both reached most of the same conclusions as well.

Reading this book has been much like that tbh seed. Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent much time reading/writing/editing website content. And the books I’ve read have been viewed on my iPod. As convenient as it is, getting back to a real book experience has revived many pleasurable aspects of reading that just don’t make it over the web. And I’ve missed them since reading Ron Miska’s Bad Beekeeping.

Can’t wait for Wyatt’s next book. Until then you can keep up with him in the American Bee Journal.


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