Wishing for Spring

Wishing for spring? It’s the first week of March and snowing! Well, that’s Wyoming’s climate. What else should I expect. In an average year it can snow until the end of May. In a cold year, it can snow until July.

Beekeepers, in the warmer parts of the US, are talking of feeding, swarming, raising queens and making splits. For me it’s still another 3 weeks before this season’s first yard check. And another 3 months before the rush of springtime.

So, what’s a Wyoming beekeeper to do? Dream of warmer times and places? Here’s one of my favorites. It’s my son Jon enjoying a few rare,leisurely moments paragliding down the road from his home when he’s not saving the world from the bad guys.

And I say rare, for he spends most of his leisurely time as an adrenalin junky climbing mountains, towers, buildings and bridges to jump off and fly away in one of his flying suits.


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