Wild Bees

Wild BeesMost of my beekeeping focuses on honeybees. But I’ve been dabbling in natural pollinators for almost five years now. They’re a valuable part of natural beekeeping.

Native bees will pollinate my apple and fruit trees when honeybees won’t touch them. And many of them fly in weather that keeps honeybees in their hives.

They are shy, varied, independent and beautiful. It’s quite easy to provide a little shelter and habitat for them. And they thrive without any fuss. They’re the idea suburban bee.

A wild bee from my backyard.

I enjoy studying and photographing them.

Googling will yield most of the best wild bee links I’ve found. But here’s one that isn’t so easy to find. Check out this wild bee link.

I’ve shamelessly stolen this one from Dave Green as mentioned on the Bee-L list. He comments on this site in his own pollinator blog which is certainly worth looking at as well.

The site is in German. But even without Google’s translation, the pictures are worth a long visit! Take time and look around this one.  This site is certainly worth bookmarking.

I’ve got a few new ideas to try out. How about you? If not, check this out!

How about now? Want to try providing a shelter for some native bees? It might be an ideal project for a school or nature center.

Still interested but not in a mega project? Check this out. There’s not a house or garden that wouldn’t benefit from a little wild bee art.

Here’s the untranslated German site.


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