Why Bees are Disappearing

Marla Spivak speaks out on TED:

Honeybees have thrived for 50 million years, each colony 40 to 50,000 individuals coordinated in surprising harmony. So why, seven years ago, did colonies start dying en masse? Marla Spivak reveals four reasons which are interacting with tragic consequences. This is not simply a problem because bees pollinate a third of the world’s crops. Could this incredible species be holding up a mirror for us?

Beekeeping wasn’t my mirror. But it was my hands on confirmation of what I’d been seeing in the mirror for decades.

Forty years ago, placing a hive in town was a poor alternative to putting them out on the farm. Today, it’s completely opposite. My best hives are those I leave near or in town. They don’t produce as much honey in the short term. But they are:

  • healthier
  • over winter better
  • take less feed
  • and produce honey more consistently

Noah Wilson-Rich and I have more to say about Urban Bees here.

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