What’s Buzzing?

Lemons to lemonaide sweetened with honey.

Lemons to lemonaide sweetened with honey.

Every beekeeper knows that sound. And that sound can mean big trouble.

If recognized early enough, a little smoke will confuse the bees and keep big trouble at bay. Tarry too long, and smoke will only irritate them more

With European bees and a little smoke, a beekeeper has a few minutes before trouble gets out of control. With Africanized bees, it’s less than a minute, lots of smoke, and a good measure of luck.

Africanized bees have such a strong, enduring, and wide-ranging defense response that most hobby beekeepers give up beekeeping when Africanized bees displace Europeans. It ‘s just that unpleasant and dangerous to be around them.

But that can be a good thing when elephants are eating your livelihood. Seems, that like beekeepers,  they recognize that sound, and know just what to do. Abandon your plans and get out of there! 😉

Check out Invisible Fences at 99 Percent Invisible, one of my favorite podcasting  sites. See how beehives make good invisible fences.


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