University of Guelph Honeybee Research Center

The Honey Bee Research Centre, Guelph University

The Honeybee Research Centre, at the University of Guelph, is a beekeeping resource worth spending time at.

Besides conducting research, they’ve created a Video Library, with more than 3 dozen videos that are second to none.

Those videos show much of the nuance and art of beekeeping that’s so easily lost in text.

And they cover a broad spectrum:

  • getting started with bees
  • working with bees
  • working with queens
  • colony management
  • abnormal colony conditions
  • double nucleus colonies
  • queen rearing
  • and even bee beards.

They are practical, thorough, novice friendly, and a joy to watch.

For example, here’s a video on how to open a hive:

What do you think? Pretty good, I think!

Thanks UoG bee guys.


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