Top Bar Hive Podcast

Craig's Organically Managed Beekeeping Podcast.Craig’s organically managed beekeeping blog, The Southern Maryland Beekeeper, is back online and has another neat podcast concerning top bar hive/Warre’ style beekeeping.


In this podcast he interviews Matt Reed of Matt runs and manufactures top bar hives.

On my blog, I’ve tried to stay away from endorsing or promoting any commercial product that I haven’t personally tried. So, when a tbh manufacturer drops a link in a comment, I let it stand for itself without comment, as most manufactured tbhs simply didn’t meet my needs.

And there are several reasons:

  • as tbhs are vertically challenged, one size normally doesn’t fit all climates
  • as beekeepers needs vary, one design doesn’t fit all needs
  • I’ve got all the woodworking equipment needed to build a tbh
  • I’ve still got all my fingers
  • I can build a bunch of minimal type tbhs fast and cheap

I have to admit, I’ve been put off by the relatively high cost of most manufactured tbhs. I’m not begrudging the manufactures, as their tbhs are often more a piece of fine cabinet woodwork than are my minimal bee boxes.

Yet, if a beekeeper only wants a hive or two, it’s probably much cheaper to buy them already made. And as a bonus, a beekeeper gets to keep all of his fingers. 🙂

Thinking of buying a tbh?

Be sure to evaluate the design. Will it meet your needs and be suitable for your climate?

Buying one? Be sure to listen to the end of the podcast. It could save you some bucks.

Like Craig, I’ve been intrigued with the looks and management of the Warre. And if I didn’t have all that shop equipment, I’d order one from Matt.

Thinking of my fingers, I’m tempted to wish I didn’t have that equipment and could just order one instead. 😉