The Beehive Effect: Ancient Rites – Quantum Principles

valerie solheim beehive effectThe Beehive Effect: Ancient Rites – Quantum Principles” is out. It’s an updated edition of her 2009 book “The Healing Buzz” which was part of this site’s buzz a few years back.

Valerie Solheim’s new book ”

It’s a unique beekeeping book. Valerie combines the energy and fresh approach of a new beekeeper, with her metaphysical perceptions. And that’s a rare combination in today’s beekeeping press. And the book is a good read filled with positive energy.

Since sharing my personal experience of the positive effects of a humming hive, an interesting thread appeared on BeeSource. A beekeeper in the Observation Hive Forum asked if the sounds of an inside observation hive interfered with sleep.

A respondent stated that, although he’d never had an indoor observation hive, he’d had a feral colony living in the wall of his house. And that hive sound, rather than disruptive, was strangely soothing.

I know the feeling and it’s a great one.


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