The Barefoot Beekeeper

Phil Chandler, the barefoot beekeeper.Have you seen the barefoot beekeeper. If not, head over to Phil Chandler’s website.

He’s got a free Top Bar Hive ebook and you can download the ‘The Barefoot Beekeeper’. They’re a must read.

And if you like the electric version, Phil’s book is available in paper. For me, there’s something about the convenience and feel of paper that I enjoy.

You can find a natural beekeeping forum and related articles. They’re European in tone with a broad international participation. And there’s plenty of information and help for beginning natural beekeepers.

biowarreAnd if you’re interested in the Warre hive,  checkout Biobee’s Warre’ site.

I am intrigued with the concepts surrounding the Warre’ hive. I think it has the potential to become the ultimate natural comb hive.

That’s what my vertical natural comb hive is all about.Time will tell.

Remember, just bee natural.


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