Tanzanian Top Bar Hive

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  1. Dennis Counts says:

    Hi Dennis, your plan is almost exactly what I have decided to start using. I also wanted the ability to drop in standard frames from nukes I buy. The only difference is I attach short sides to the top bars, I have had way to much comb fall off the top bars this year. The sides will give the comb support.

    • -bW says:

      Hi Dennis

      I’ve used a long center extension but haven’t tried them on the ends. Comb is much stronger with them. But mine warped and got in the the way when reclaiming old comb.

      But, in a hot climate, they might be necessary to prevent large combs from collapsing.

      Early on, I had problems with comb failure. But no more problems occurred when the cover was propped up providing air circulation above the top bars, and I didn’t work them when the weather was too hot.

      Cured the failure problem for me. But might not do it in a hot climate.


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