Swedes Bee ProbioticI think this is the first commercial probiotic supplement for bees.

A team of microbiologists at Lund University have patented the treatment, known as SymBeeotic — made from lactic acid bacteria from the stomachs of healthy bees — which they described as a major “boost” to bees’ immune system and are hopeful that it could slow down the rate at which bees are dying.

“The bacteria in this product is active against both American and European foulbrood disease,” Dr Alejandra Vasquez, who co-bWeveloped the product, told
AFP. Foulbrood is the fatal bacterial disease which threatens bees.

“We hope that beekeepers will see this as a good preventative medicine so that they can avoid using antibiotics.”


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  1. Rikard says:

    Hello BWrangler! Thank you for sharing this news! SymBeeotic is indeed, as you say, the first probiotic for bee colonies. Symbeeotic is the only product that targets and increases the bees´ own resistance, which is crucial when the hives are fighting of multifactorial diseases. Read more at

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