Strip Built Top Bar Hive

At BeeSource, Affreux has shared a few images of his strip built top bar hive. What a beautiful hive! The design reminds me of Barry Birkey’s tbh and reinforced top bars with several neat additions:

  • an integrated, ventilated cover
  • storage space underneath the cover
  • ventilation/drainage/cleanout hive body slot
  • entrance protection above the entrance
  • detachable hive stand

Could there be a more beautiful tbh than this one. It’s certainly a match for any of those gorgeous Warre’s. It’s the way I’d build all of my tbhs if I could. But what’s a wood butcher like me to do? 😉

Thanks Affreux for the inspiration and for sharing.


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2 responses to “Strip Built Top Bar Hive”

  1. Mil says:

    Wow, what a beautiful TBH. I use only Langs so far, but I’ve been thinking about managing a TBH just for the experience.

    • -bW says:

      Hi Mil

      Tbh’s are different and they aren’t for everyone. But beautiful hives, yeah!

      I never appreciated beautiful hives until I left working thousands of commercial hives. Then I discovered a hive’s beauty can add much to beekeeping’s pleasure. Much or maybe even most of my attraction to Warre type hives steam from their beauty, especially when I have enough other kinds of hives.


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