Real BEE Man

beeman of bees

This is the stuff a real bee man is made of.

Not to be out done by:

  • corny bee beards
  • gimicky bee bras
  • and totally impractical bee suits

A real beeman? Well here’s a real BEE man and without facial features! Just bees.

It’s a photo from the August 2012 edition of the National Geographic, page 12.

I wonder:

  • have the political candidate’s worn out their welcome?
  • is mid-season a boring time for beekeepers?
  • or are we just nuts? ūüėČ

But even in this Google age, commanding a corny bee beard, a gimmicky bee bra, a 50lb bee suit, or becoming a real bee man conjures up feelings and visions rooted deep in our human spirit. It is magic. And it’s totally awesome.



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