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The Details


These plans were drafted using Google Sketchup, a free 3D CAD program. It’s intuitive and is quickly mastered. With it you can enlarge, rotate, manipulate, measure, section, and edit in any fashion you choose.

Each design is based on different criteria. Look them over and see why and how they differ. Most of my design criteria are based upon my location at Casper, Wyoming. It is a hostile place to keep bees.

Are these tbhs suitable for your location? Not sure? Take a look at my Build and Hive Body pages before choosing a plan. These hives are not suitable for everyone.

Not quite suitable? That’s OK. Just use a plan as a template. Then alter it with Sketchup.


Some plans are designed to accommodate Langstroth deep frames. Langstroth frames vary is size by manufacturer and by country. Yours might be different than those I purchased from Western Bee Supply. So, if compatibility is important, measure your frames and make sure they will work.


6 Responses

  1. David Venhuizen says:

    You write, “Check out my plans.” How? Where?


    • -bW says:

      Hi David

      I’ll change the text and make it clearer. Thanks.
      Various plans are listed under Plans in the Content sidebar at the right.


  2. Ralph McEwen says:

    Good information. Hope to find something in your top bar plans. Need to move a hive that is set up in my flat roof. I am strongly interested in preserving bees. Hope I can transfer this hive to another that is more accessible.

    Thanks for your ideas.
    Ralph, alias BOB

    • -bW says:

      Hi Ralph

      Look them over. Make them better. And let me know how they work for you. Be sure to look at the Design page. My designs might not be suitable for every need.


  3. Steve Stack says:

    Hi Dennis

    Great site.

    I am about to build my first hive ( TBH ), and like David above I’m lost. With regard to “Check out my plans “. Where where please where / Thanks

    • -bW says:

      Hi Steve

      Looks like my new minimalist theme is too minimal.

      Right now all navigation is above the header image. Mousing on a menu category displays the pages. Clicking on the category takes you there and allows the pages to be opened by clicking. Here are the Plans.

      Sorry for the confusion.


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