Organically Managed Beekeeping Podcast

Guess what? I’ve got a new toy. I know that’s not unusual for this time of year. But I’ve had this toy for about a year. My wife talked with my techno-savy son and gave it to me as a birthday gift. That Ipod Touch was cute.

I uploaded a few free Apps. But most others looked like fritterware. I was so disappointed with those free Apps that I decided to investigate porting some Open Source software. Well, Apple is Apple. The system is locked up. The SDK cost’s $99. Must have an Apple computer to use it. And all software must go through the iTunes store, an onerous process that doesn’t allow any third party software libraries.

My older MP3 player had all the music I needed. It was smaller, lighter, stronger, lasted longer on a charge, and I didn’t need iTunes to manage it. Besides, you need a real keyboard to do real work. Right? So, I set that cutie aside.

Well, not too long ago, I got a call from Craig at Organically Managed Beekeeping Podcast. Some time ago, I’d visited his site. It was a beautiful site. In fact, Craig’s blog and podcasts portended the way information will be delivered in the future.

I saw the days of my old text based website were definitely limited as I had neither the personality nor the desire to upgrade my skills and equipment. My silent pages were soon to be made obsolete by the talkes. 🙂

Craig’s site had lots of promise. I’d planned to get back, but didn’t.So, it was time for another visit.

Wow! Craig’s been busy! Dozens of hours of great interviews. I downloaded them and started listening at my convenience.

But it wasn’t all that convenient. I found my self locked to my computer desk! Ipod Touch to the rescue. What a joy! It set me free. And Craig’s podcast content? Just great! It’s so much easier to listen than to read.

So go to Craig’s blog and download those podcasts if you must. But get to the iTunes store and subscribe to his free podcasts if you can. And enjoy.