New Top Bar Hive Design

The drafting is done and the plans are ready.

My Tanzanian top bar hive is a good hive. It is completely compatible with conventional beekeeping equipment. It can be run in various configurations. And it’s easy to build. It’s a conventional long hive with top bar hive functionality.

But it has one major drawback common to all long hives using top hanging frames: Empty space is either below or beyond the frames.

If more height is needed for an optimum top bar hive. Or a beekeeper is transitioning away from frames to top bars. Top hanging frames are less than ideal. With a taller hive, all new comb is initially built below the frames. It is wasted when the frames are removed from the hive.

And if the self spacing frames are added into the hive’s natural comb, they make for a messy junction with the thicker and longer top bars.

So, if you need a taller top bar hive with more top bar hive flexibility and some conventional frame capability, check out my multipurpose top bar hive.


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