Natural Bee Suit

There are natural bee Suits. And then there are natural BEE suits.

Does natural beekeeping require a natural bee suit? Well, there’s natural and then there’s natural. But I’m not talking about that kind of natural. And not bee as in adjective. But bee as in noun.

We’ve all seen the classic bee beard. And some might even remember the clash of cultures when the classic, conservative traditions of the 19th Century bee beard were triumphed, three times over, by the 20th Century Polynesian bee bra.

But this 21st Century natural bee suit melds the old and new together. It’s:

  • gender neutral
  • one size fits all
  • a little heavy at 59lbs
  • and a little hot I suspect
  • but hard to top for sure

Check out the details at An Amish Beekeeper.