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First yard visit. Looking good.

First yard visit. Looking good.

In Wyoming, it often warms up the day before the next blizzard hits. This time, the warm spell lasted two days and it got warm enough for my bees to fly.

So, it was time to visit the yard check. It’s still too cold to disturb a hive. Any attempts to do so now would be disruptive and do more damage than good.

Just enough time to:

  • look for bee flight
  • heft the hives for weight
  • check for abnormal piles of dead bees on the ground
  • look for signs of dysentery

Good news.

  • every hive is alive
  • only a couple of light weight hives
  • just the normal quantity of dead bees on the ground
  • no dysentery

This first visit is more for the beekeeper’s benefit than the bees. I still don’t know what shape the colony is in. But there’s always hope where there’s life. And a few dozen flying bees at each hive’s entrance is much better than the silence of my last March yard visit a couple of years ago.


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