Langstroth Bees

bee-natural-guyThe Idea

If you’re interested in small cell beekeeping, queen rearing,  Langstroth hive management, and alternative frame based beekeeping, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll share my beekeeping ideas and experiences from a conventional beekeeping perspective.

Much of this material was gleaned from more than 30 years experience with Langstoth equipment, in a commercial environment.

Back then, I worked bees as the BWrangler. And I learned a few things that another bee wrangler might find useful.


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  1. Carlos R. Cedeno says:

    Hi Dennis,
    thanks for your response. From your description I believe its brood nest cleansing. The pupa where mostly whole actually good size so I wonder if they are drone brood since the workers seemed to be small compared to some of the pupa. I have also noticed them kicking drones out lately and sometimes these guys are hanging on to the front entrance for dear life but the girls will gang up on them if they need to. The bees dragged the pupa out and over onto the ground but I did not see them eating any of them. The wasps however will be hanging around the ground and seem to feast and or carry off body parts.
    I am also wondering if wasps eat varroa mites. Since I sugar dusted they hang around under the hive and seem to be picking at stuff. I thought it could just be the sugar but 3-4 days after the dusting I would think the sugar would be gone.



  2. Carlos R. Cedeno says:

    I forgot to mention they are working pretty good on the goldenrod, asters, and any left over clover patches. There was a fear the goldenrod might not come in our area but it seems to be at least partial around my house. Last couple of weeks the girls where not touching them but now they are all over the full yellow bloomings and asters.

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