2011-04-06_180033Never thought I’d see it happen, but Kirk Webster has put up a web site at It’s a repository for all his writing since 2005. And it will be the original source for any of his new observations.

Anything that Kirk writes is well worth reading. And now it’s easier than ever. No need to hunt for those fading, tattered, bee mag articles. 🙂

Check it out. I think you’ll find his site well worth bookmarking.


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3 responses to “”

  1. Gord says:

    Oh, this will be fun. I’ve been listening to Kirk for the last couple of years at the Leominster conference. Absolutely worth reading.

  2. Trygve Lillefosse says:

    Oh no – why did I click on that link.:)

    I will probably have to read everything at his site. Just as with your and M. Bush’s sites.

    Oh well, I am getting back into bee-mode these days anyway.:)

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