Joe Waggle’s Crayon

Joe Waggle shares a swarm trapping accessory.

He puts lemon grass essential oil into melted beeswax. And then pours it into a suitable mold. Lets it harden. And has a easy to use swarm attractant.

Rubbing it in, on and around a swarm box, increased its attractiveness.

This beeswax crayon isn’t as fragile, or as volatile as a bottle of essential oil. The beeswax acts as slow release agent. And can be put on surfaces that essential oils can’t.

Something larger than a crayon size is more practical. Any mold shape will do. As long as it’s easy to hold. And sturdy enough to resist pressure and abuse.

Adding a looped cord, like those in expensive soap, makes for easy handling.

Other ingredients might work in Joe’s crayon as well. This concept might extend to commercial pheromones. Maybe even the Lusby’s queen alcohol extracts.


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