Here I go Again

wyoming beehives

A new beginning.

Those 5 packages have made a successful transition to 5 small colonies. The first batch of brood is just beginning to hatch. Shrinking colony populations will now begin to stabilize. And then, with the next brood cycle, colonies will begin to expand.

Soon, a second deep brood body will be needed. I like to keep small colonies squeezed for space. In my cold, windy climate, they seem to do better with less space rather than more.

So far, the weather has been less than cooperative. It’s been unusually cold, windy, and exceptionally dry. Looks like we’re headed back¬† into the drought.


New life. New hope! Just don’t kneel in the cactus. ūüôā

But with new life comes new hope and all the struggles that are attached. It’s just great to see those golden yellow droplets of flying life in my hives again.