Hang On Pardner, It’s Gonna Buck.

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  1. Zachary Murphy says:

    Bee forage is your main problem obviously; any advantage to insulating hives? A question on the side: what are the disadvantages to natural comb in ordinary langstroth frames?

    • -bW says:

      Hi Zachary

      Insulation? I’ve tried various arrangements. And don’t think there’s much advantage during the winter. Still debating the advantages during early spring.

      Disadvantages of natural comb frames? I’m just starting my natural comb frame experience. I’ve cut the sidebars down from 1 3/8″ to 1 1/4″ to more closely match comb spacing in the broodnest core. But, at this time, don’t have a thing to more share.


  2. Carlos R. Cedeno says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I remember stopping at Rawlings Wyoming for the night in the 3rd week in June 1980 and asking where the local KOA was at. The gas station attendant looked at me, my 3 young kids (2 in diapers) and the pop up camper we where hauling and says “Your not thinking of camoing out tonight are you?”
    Heh Yeah I was why?
    “Well as soon as the sun goes down in another hour the temp will be going down to 32 or lower!”

    OOps? LOL

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