Foundationless Frames Concepts

rwjedi shares his thoughts on foundationless frames.

How to make a foundationless frame out of a wedge top frame and the principles of using foundationless frames in your hive for success. P.S. If you are starting to go foundationless after having used foundation, be aware that your bees are almost certain to draw the first and maybe the 2nd frame you put in as Drone comb. Move it over to position 1 or 10 and put another foundationless frame in. Bees desire a certain amount of drone comb in their hive and if you have been using foundation and denying it to them, with the foundationless frame you have FINALLY given them room to build drone comb. If you leave it in the hive at 1 or 10, they will realize they have it and if they need it for drones they will use it for that and put honey in it if they don’t need drones.

Thanks rwjedi.


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