Eric Mussen’s Apiculture Newsletter



Eric Mussen is a professor at UC Davis. He’s located in a hotspot for bee research and commercial beekeeping activity. He  writes:

“When we started using the antibiotic, we did not know that Nosema was a fungus. We knew that fumagillin was being tested as an anticancer chemical. but, we didn’t hear that fumagillin wipes out mammalian immune systems…”

“We are finding synergisms between fungicides and other comb residues. It is time to provide our bees with a cleaner home…”

“I believe that hive pollution is a highly significant part of our queen failure problem…”

Interested? Want to read more? Check out his Newsletter. It’s free and can be read online or received via email.The Newsletters are archived and well worth browsing through.


Midgut bee larva damage from common Ag chemicals.

So, you’ve gone natural and don’t put those nasty beekeeper poisons in your hives? Erik talks about beekeeper poisons. But his real focus is on what agriculture puts into our hives via the honeybee. And he summarizes research detailing the devastating effects those Ag chems have on nurse bee and brood development.

It is a must read for me because my natural bees are completely dependent on agriculture.