End of Season Year 2

October's Snow
October’s snow.

A few days ago, I slipped off to my beeyard and reduced the hive entrances for winter. It was cold, late and the bees weren’t flying. But during  the process, a few dozen bees crawled outside to check out the disturbance.

A few minutes later the entrance reducers were securely in place. And the bees, sensing no trouble, returned to the warmth, serenity and security of their nest.

As I watched the bees disappear back inside their hives, an unexpected sense of satisfaction came over me. They were in great shape. And there was nothing more to be done.

Now time and season will progress in its natural course. There is much winter ahead. I know that from experience. The bees do not know it. But eons of time have prepared them for it. And both the bees and I are optimistic.

Not even today’s blizzard, with it’s 24″ of snow and cold temperatures, can deter my spirit. Like the bees, I’ll hunker down in my hive. Get a little rest from beeing. And dream of things to come.

All is well. Life is good. And next year will be better than ever.