Combo Long Hive

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  1. Erin Reasoner says:

    Hi -bW I have to say I love your site and your plans… I am a beginning hobbiest with my first package bees last april…of course, I got the whole speal of buying a whole kit and to make a long story short, I ended up with a deep hive langstroth box for the winter..,my bees would not go up into the next deep…I tried multiple times but they have the whole box filled with honey and pollen and they are still alive…I check them everyday and they are still bringing in pollen..Of course I am probably doing everything wrong but now I have been doing a lot of reading and I have come to the conclusion I don’t want to be stacking heavy boxes on and off all the time, I am 52, and 5’2 and that is my limititations.. I have seen a lovely hive sytem on Gaia Bees website called the golden mean wooden box..i was looks like a longer box and taller.but not necessarily wider…I like the fact he used a full frame and no foundation…and he combs are beautiful…he also uses a waxed paper to put on top of the frames that he pulls back a little at time to expose only the frames he is working with…I like that the combs are able to grow longer and yet wont fall apart because of the long deep frames..I saw your site and I think some of these plans may be the same,,,do you have any information on this type..i think he used a langstroth frame but it also looks thinker and sturdier for the long combs..can you please let me know what you think and I would like to build them asap and there is no design plans for his as yet…I thought maybe one of your systems was kind of like those…any information you have is appreciated..thanks

    • -bW says:

      Hi Erin

      You can use your langstroth equipment with a long hive. They work horizontally. But can be managed both horizontally and vertically if desired.

      Take a look at my Combo Long Hive. What’s shown is a two box version managed vertically.

      If you want to manage one horizontally, build it 3 boxes long. With a custom cover, you could build one any length you like.


      • Erin Reasoner says:

        Hi -bW, thank you for the reply…I have tried to download the plans but we don’t have the program to open up that type of extension? My husband even tried and couldn’t open it…do you have them in another format?
        thank you

      • -bW says:

        Hi Erin

        They can be opened with Tremble’s(Google) Sketchup Make. It’s a free 3D drawing program that runs in Windows or under Wine in Linux.

        With it you can view, rotate, scale, measure, and edit the plans to suit your requirements. Also, there’s lots of bee stuff at Google’s Warehouse, a repository for Sketchup drawings.

        I can export the plan to an image file like a jpg or pdf. But that won’t allow you to work with it.

        Erin, Let me know what you need?


  2. Shelley says:

    I was just wondering how you manage the bees over winter in a 2 box combo. In Autumn, do you reduce them down to 10 frames of bees & brood and 10 frames of honey on one level or do you leave one super of honey on top at one end and the bees move up in an L shape to get to the honey?
    The bees I have in my new 2 box combo havn’t had time to build up so they are on one level only so just wondering how you manage then once they are a bigger hive. Thanks for your advice.

    • -bW says:

      Hi Shelley

      Bees are adaptable creatures and learn to effectively use the space they occupy. Before winter comes,I think it’s important to give the bees time to work out their own brood/food arrangements. So, if they need additional feed, do it early.

      Conceptually, in a hive with a bottom or end entrance, the horizontal hive bees arrange the broodnest much like a tall vertical hive does if it were laid on it’s back. The brood is near the entrance with food stored above and behind.

      Tall vertical hives with upper entrances, work a little differently. Otherwise much is the same.

      Thanks for the note, Shelley. Let me know how things go for you,


  3. Mary says:

    I have a national hive but would like to change over to a combo. When did you move your bees or did you make up a nuc?

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