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It’s been awhile since I’ve been over to Michael Bush’s website. His Lazy Beekeeping page caught my eye.

Michael’s list is a great one.  Most natural beekeepers can eventually make a similar list with enough time and experience. Although actual application varies among beekeepers, his principles are sound:

  • Top entrances
  • Uniform frame size
  • Lighter boxes
  • Horizontal hives
  • Foundationless frames
  • No chemicals or artificial feeds
  • Honey for winter feed
  • Natural cell size
  • Carts
  • Top bar hives
  • Leave burr comb
  • Stop cutting swarm cells
  • Stop fight your bees
  • Stop wrapping hives
  • Stop scrapping propolis
  • Stop painting equipment
  • Stop switching hive bodies
  • Don’t look for the queen
  • Don’t wait
  • Feed dry sugar
  • Split by the box
  • Stop requeening

That’s quite a list! What would you add or drop? Why?

Finally, he’s got a quote from Richard Taylor which I’ve found to be true the hard way. 😉

“There are a few rules of thumb that are useful guides. One is that when you are confronted with some problem in the apiary and you do not know what to do, then do nothing. Matters are seldom made worse by doing nothing and are often made much worse by inept intervention.” –The How-To-bWo-It book of Beekeeping, Richard Taylor

Michael’s site is worth a visit. It’s a great place to spend some time on a cold winter evening.

Enjoy. And just bee natural.


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2 responses to “Bush Farms Lazy Man”

  1. Doug says:

    I agree with pretty much everything Michael presents in his list of Lazy Man Beekeeping. After all, I am a lazy man at heart. At my age, I’m like the old bull. Why jump the fence when you can go under it? The only thing I would add is to read Nectar Management by Walt Wright. Stop switching boxes and just open them up for expansion to lessen the probibility of swarming.
    Walt Wright is a brilliant guy and reading Nectar Management, all the way through, and completely understanding it, will make it easier for you when you read NASA tec manuals!

    • -bW says:

      Hi Doug

      I’ve been doing nectar management, checkerboarding, since first reading about it over a decade ago. It’s made the most positive, significant difference in my Lang beekeeping of any management technique.

      Nectar management is the one thing that would make me choose a Lang hive over a top bar hive.

      I don’t keep Langs without it 🙂


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