Boxes and Frames

I’ve got a menagerie of equipment, top bar hives, Lang hives, combo hives, nucs, observation hives, etc. I thought that by giving them away and moving to Florida, I’d restart my beekeeping there. And I’d standardize on one kind of equipment, probably top bar hives. But by returning to Wyoming, I’ve got it all back again.

It’s a mess. The Lang equipment is failing apart. My frames at 1 3/8″ were wider than I desired. And the small cell comb in them is a decade old.

So, now’s the time, a once in a lifetime opportunity for a beekeeper! What to do? You can read about it here:

Winter Thinking

More Winter Thoughts

Just think! One kind of equipment. Simplicity!

What’s the conclusion of the matter? It’s probably not what you think and certainly not why! I need hives that I can move by myself. And I’ve got brand new frame based equipment sitting around.

So, I’m back in the box and frame business. Lang hives are hard to beat. They are:

  • flexible
  • expandable
  • compatible
  • expensive, especially with freight

These hives will look the same on the outside, maybe better when dipped. But I’ll run them as natural comb hives. It will be a new experience for me. There will much to learn and I’m sure much to share.


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