Beehive Probiotic News

Cosmos bee articleTed Hankock, at Bee-L, posts a interesting link to a Cosmos article describing some bee gut bacteria transfer experiments.

Previous research has demonstrated the importance that probiotic honeybee gut bacteria play to disease resistance.

For me, the implications are clear. Running bees un-naturally will produce a cascade of unintended consequences. That’s been my own beekeeping experience.

Probiotic relationships, so necessary for a colony’s health, are also necessary for human health. At least that’s been my personal experience.


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2 responses to “Beehive Probiotic News”

  1. ceciliag says:

    Thank you, i shall go over and read this now.. c

  2. wyominglife says:

    Hello, I’ve been scanning your blog and find it interesting. A few years back, my husband helped a local beekeeper (central Wyoming) gather his harvest. We thought it was all interesting and wonderful. My husband is a horse trainer and cattleman, and he thought the bees were much like other animals; reacting to their surroundings and how they were being handled. He wasn’t afraid of them and came away from the experience intrigued with honey bees in general.

    The local man he helped was, at that time, still experiencing a good harvest and his bees were fine (I don’t know how it is now) but he thought working bees too hard was part of the CCD problem. All his bees were just worked locally, so maybe there is something to it.

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