Bee Genetics

ABF Session Recordings.Natural beekeeping tends to produce superior honeybee colonies. Ever wonder why?

Randy Oliver, in a talk with North American Beekeeping Federation(ABF) bee breeders describes why. The ABF recorded his presentation and kindly provides access to it.

Scientific Beekeeping: Thoughts About Queen Breeding

Randy discusses:

  • epigenetics
  • natural selection processes
  • the effects of treating and genetic selection
  • why natural triumphs over hybridization
  • and how to win in the bee versus pest war

Randy also talks about some of those natural behaviors that impressed and converted a handful of conventional beekeepers, like myself, more than a decade ago.

Other ABF Stuff

There are other recordings well worth listening to. Check them out:

2011 ABF Session Recordings

And thanks to the ABF for sharing them.


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