Bee Books for Free

I’ve found another great beekeeping resource. It’s Google Books. Google has digitized most of the world’s books and those out of copyright are available for free. Interested?

Books can be read online. Or they can be downloaded as a pdf file. That file can be added to an iTunes library and synced into the Ipod. I speak from my Ipod experience, but I’m sure the concepts apply to a more open system like Google’s Droid as well. I’m not sure about the Kindel.


  • Make a list of your favorite historical authors
  • Download those rare bee books
  • Build a priceless bee book library that will fit in your shirt pocket

Be sure to get Apple’s free iBooks App which also handles pdf as well as the e-ibook formats. Then go to Google’s home page:

  • Click “Advanced Search”
  • Open “File Type”
  • Choose “Adobe Acrobat PDF”

Enter your search word and look for those pdf files. Many college documents can be located this way.

Got a life beyond bees? Browse the iBooks store for other free books. The only way to access those books is through the iBooks App itself and not through iTunes. Browse the store and choose free books. Like the classics? They’re all in there for free.

And many free ebooks are available on other web libraries. Here’s a list of legitimate free ebook sites I’ve found useful.

Ebooks lack the heft, smell and feel of  real books. And they need a delicate, electronic reader with it’s frequent charging. But a reader can store thousands of books which can be quickly searched. It’s illuminated in the dark. And it fits in a shirt pocket. A smart phone can perform the same function as a reader.

I still enjoy the paper based book experience. But I actually read more now because of the ebook’s convenience.

Fingers still glued to the keyboard? I shouldn’t forget Cornell’s Online Bee Library. Material can be searched. Documents can be viewed one page at a time. But there’s no preview or thumbnail capability. I find the interface cumbersome. And I can’t find anyway to download and work offline. So, I haven’t spend much time there.

Ipod Ramblings

Yes, I’m still playing with my Ipod Touch and liking it more and more.  I’ve downloaded some payware. And found it useful and more typical of software programmed by someone who knows how. 🙂

With the addition of my books into iBooks, I’m finding this little cutie indispensable. If I turn off the wireless, I can read books and listen to podcasts for days, before needing to charge it up.

iBooks is a great App. But there are others like Stanza and Google Books that can manage books without using iTunes.

Anyway, take care.