Anarchy Beekeeping!

And The Florida Beeman

Sam Comfort's Anarchy ApiariesI’ve just returned from a quick visit to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. While there, I thought of Sam Comfort, a beekeeper I met while living at Boynton Beach. Back then, Sam invited me out for lunch. He’s a young beekeeper with a real passion for natural beekeeping. And he was a breath of fresh air after a rather unusual encounter with the local bee club.

Sam’s foot-loose and he follows his beekeeping passion where ever it takes him. I was fortunate enough to spend a little time with him while living in Florida.What a neat guy.

Barry Birkey, the Beesource guy and I spent a little time with Sam while he was rearing queens for a large, commercial east coast migratory beekeeper. You can read about it and see a few photos here.

Sam has a commercial beekeeping background, so he understands what American beekeeping is and how it got there. He switched to a natural approach and has never looked back. Sam writes:


To put the qualms of anthropomorphizing aside, the short answer (for the folks making chit chat): Bees are fed up with the way we treat the dirt and not gonna take it anymore! They are pissed!

That’s his short answer. For his long answer and some great natural beekeeping videos, check out his website. It’s a great place to see what’s happening with the northeast’s natural beekeeping scene.


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5 responses to “Anarchy Beekeeping!”

  1. Doug says:

    Sam Comfort ROCKS! Have you heard his Bee Songs? GREAT! Go to his site and read his book. The part about him and his friend driving from Upper State N.Y. to Montana with several card board Nucs full of bees. It is a crack-up! The bees chewed their way out and the car was full of bees. Of course, Sam being the guy he is, had no problem at all with that. When they stopped to sleep on the ground in Minnesota, his virgin queens bred with the local drones there. He still has that awesome line of bees. I don’t buy queens but, I would much like to have a few of his!
    People can learn a lot from Sam Comfort. I have.

  2. Mike Robinson says:

    Does anyone have actual plans or drawings of Sam Comfort’s hive design?

    The only vague comments I’ve found so far are at:

    … but I know there are fine-points e.g. about the entrance design that are only obliquely mentioned in the video. I want to see those details somewhere.

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