About BWrangler

Just what is BWrangler about, anyway?

BWrangler is the continuation of a decade of sharing my beekeeping experiences.

They’ve come at a price. As 48 years, 15 as a commercial beekeeper, has lots of lessons to teach. Most of them are learned the hard way.

Today, I keep bees completely different from how I kept them decades ago. Back then it didn’t take much to keep bees alive and well. Lots of effort and luck if one wanted to make money off of them. But a beekeeper didn’t need to know much more than his great grandfather did.

Not so today. The environment, the beekeeper, and the bees are stressed to the max. Today a beekeeper must still work hard and be lucky. But he must also work smart to be successful with bees.

Not everyone keeps bees for the same purpose. And beekeepers attitudes toward their bees range from amoral to adoration. So, what’s smart for one, could be insanity for another. There are many ways to keep bees.

But I’ve found an approach that works well for me. When compared to other methods, it is:

  • easier
  • the bees are healthier
  • beeyards are more resilient
  • the beekeeper is less stressed
  • production is greater
  • and there’s less environmental impact

So, I hope you can learn something from my experience. And by sharing, I hope you and your bees are healthier, and your beekeeping better for your time spent here.


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