A Breath of Hive Air Apitherapy

Hive air concentrated.A Beesource thread,  Inhaling Beehive Air – Apitherapy,jogged my mind.

I’ve had a similar, relaxing, intoxicating, and peaceful experience when resting near a hive. I experienced it by accident while reclining on a lounge chair and watching a hive in my backyard.

As a commercial beekeeper, who spent most of the day near hives and hive products, it was a surprise. The effects were much like a glass of wine with none of the side effects. The Healing Buzz describes that experience.

Back then, I’d put the head of a reclined lounge chair next to the hive. Usually just a foot or so from the entrance, and off to one side. That kept me out of the bee’s flight path.

Apitherapy and beeyard camping/security combined.
Apitherapy, camping and beeyard security combined.

I thought it was the hive sounds that were so relaxing. But upon reflection, hive odor was used to position the chair next to the hive. If I couldn’t smell it when reclining, I’d move the chair to the other side of the hive.

Maybe a combination of sound, hive odor, and increased CO2 produced the effects?

Whatever the cause, the effects were very pleasant.

A whole new natural aspect to beekeeping.
A whole new natural aspect to beekeeping.

Apparently, I’m not the first one to experience this and has found a way to enjoy it.