A Breath of Hive Air Apitherapy

A recent Beesource thread  Inhaling Beehive Air – Apitherapy jogged my mind.

I’ve had a similar, relaxing, and very peaceful experience when next to a hive. I discovered it by accident while reclining on a lounge and watching a hive in my backyard.

Hive air concentrated.

Hive air concentrated.

As a commercial beekeeper, who spent most of my time around hives/hive products, it was an unusual surprise. The effects were alot like a glass of wine at the end of an exhausting day. And with none of the side effects. I wrote about it back in 2010:

The Healing Buzz

Back then, I’d put the head of a reclined lounge chair next to the hive. Usually that was a foot or so from the entrance, and off to one side which kept me out of the bee’s flight path.

Apitherapy and beeyard camping/security combined.

Apitherapy, camping and beeyard security combined.

I thought it might be the hive sounds that were so relaxing. But upon reflection, hive odor is what I used to position the chair next to the hive. If I couldn’t smell it when reclining, I’d move the chair to the other side of the hive.

A whole new natural aspect to beekeeping.

A whole new natural aspect to beekeeping.

Interesting! Maybe it was the combination of sound, hive odor, and increased CO2 that worked so well for me? Apparently, I’m not the first one who has noticed this relationship, and has found a way to experience it.


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