Bad Beekeeping Blog

Ron Miska’s Bad Beekeeping Blog is one of my favorites. I’ve written about his blog before. And now it’s time for an update. It seems, just as Ron was getting good at hand coding html, standards changed. Isn’t that just like all things computing! So, what’s changed? Not Ron that’s for sure! His ability to graciously squeeze the wry essence out of all things beekeeping, […]

Superinfection Exclusion

Superinfection Exclusion

There are many factors that make natural beekeeping successful. Could this be one factor that explains why natural beekeeping principles work so well against mite and mite vectored disease? Need more information? Here’s the research article. -bwguy

Modified European Long Hive

My long hives tend to be minimal and simple. But that’s not the only way to make them. They can be beautiful, even complex. And yet, still functional. Check out this modern adaption of a traditional European long hive. It accommodates standard Langstroth deep frames. And has a neat hinged, ventilated cover. I suspect this hive is as much fun to build as it is […]

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