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Build A Bee Bed

Just what is a bee bed anyway? And why would anyone want one? Well, a picture is worth a thousands words. But here some of what comes to mind: it’s a great way to get some hive buzz and air for your health. a hide out to escape in to. in the right spot, a private place to sunbath. and...

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A Breath of Hive Air Apitherapy

A recent Beesource thread  Inhaling Beehive Air – Apitherapy jogged my mind. I’ve had a similar, relaxing, and very peaceful experience when next to a hive. I discovered it by accident while reclining on a lounge and watching a hive in my backyard. As a commercial beekeeper, who spent most of my time around hives/hive products, it was an unusual surprise....

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Natrona County Beekeeping Association

Are you keeping bees in or around Natrona county? Now there’s an option to hang out and talk bees with others. Check out the Natrona County Beekeeping Association. Unlike the commercial focused state organization, this group appears active, enthusiastic and hobby focused. Unfortunately, I left Wyoming just as these folks advertised their first meeting. I’ve never been much of club...

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Pure Honey – Really!

For more than 100 years, beekeepers have labeled their honey as “Pure”. By implication there was a problem with some honey being not so Pure. Back then, most agricultural poisons were inorganic. They killed the bees whether applied to the crops, or put in a hive by a beekeeper. And dead bees don’t make any contaminated honey. Not so pure...

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Horizontal Hives Revisited

While perusing Bee Feed, I found a link to Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast – Episode 36 – Horizontal Hives with Dr. Leo Sharashkin. It’s a great podcast discussing horizontal hives, beeyard resilience, and sustainability. The Hives Many of Leo Sharshkin’s horizontal hive observations are similar to my own. I’ve run a few horizontal Combo Long Hives, along side my top bar...

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USGS Bee Inventory Lab

The USGS Bee Inventory Lab posts bee and insect images on Flickr. It’s a great resource that I’ve shameless pinched from Ron Miska’s Bad Beekeeping Blog, another great beekeeping resource. -D

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What’s Buzzing?

Every beekeeper knows that sound. And that sound can mean big trouble. If recognized early enough, a little smoke will confuse the bees and keep big trouble at bay. Tarry too long, and smoke will only irritate them more With European bees and a little smoke, a beekeeper has a few minutes before trouble gets out of control. With Africanized...

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Interested in beekeeping? Then, a visit to Beesource is a must. It’s a treasure of cutting edge articles, from out of the box thinking beekeepers like: Adrian Wenner Africanized Honey Bees Andy Nachbaur Charles Martin Simon Dick Marron Dee Lusby Erik Osterlund Hans-Otto Johnsen Jerry Hayes Joe Traynor Walt Wright Like to build your own bee equipment? Beesource has an...